Saturday 30 November 2013

Something new and a discount :)

The next size of the toritextil-fannies! LARGE :) 
width: 27cm/10,5"
height: 16cm/6,5"
depth: 9cm/3,5"

And from where is the idea? I needed a bigger.. again...... :D Because I never have enough room for my stuff.. So this green one is mine, the first piece. But we made more ;)

on this picture from left to right: normal size, big size, large size
 They are special, because they have a lot of pockets: the main is as usual, and one in the back as well, but it has a smaller under the main, and two inside! What do you think? Does anyone need huge hip bags or just me? :)

And from tomorrow to Tuesday you can buy them for a cheaper price, because there's gonna be a 30% discount in my etsy shop! Just use the coupon code by the checkout: CHRISTMAS30


Berni :) said...

You don't only need a large hip bag but also a huge bag besides haha :D

toritextil said...

hehe, you're right :DD